Strengths of Barr Fabrication That Provide the Foundation for Success

In any steel fabrication company, the understanding of metallurgy and processes is a prerequisite. Barr Fabrication’s management team has extensive experience in manufacturing and fabrication. Barr Fabrication is owned and operated by a nuclear certified ASME code inspector. With experienced and knowledgeable owners and employees, Barr Fabrication is capable of managing a wide range of projects.

Barr Fabrication offers a very diverse line of products. This allows us to evaluate the different industries and adjust our production accordingly. We continue to strategically add product lines to ensure quality product for the future.

Barr Fabrication demands meticulous accountability. We have an entire company dedicated solely to financial management. We know where we stand on any given day. Job costing is crucial in determining what industries are most lucrative to our production capabilities.

Barr Fabrication has unsurpassed Quality Assurance and Quality Control systems in place. All products are tracked from their raw state to completion. Detailed Quality Assurance manuals set the guidelines for receiving, production, inspection and delivery. A skillful purchasing department allows Barr Fabrication to negotiate the lowest possible price from our suppliers. With highly capable purchasing managers Barr Fabrication is able to guarantee our customers the lowest possible price.

The core strength of Barr Fabrication is our tireless dedication and work ethic. We have become known for our dependability and devotion to our customers and to the job at hand. These values have grown our customer base and increased our product lines. When we accept an order, the customer knows that the order will be fulfilled as promised. We have completed several multi-million dollar orders for some of the largest companies in the world. We have gained the respect of these companies simply by doing what we say we are going to do.

Our Values


Do the right thing.

We approach the business as we would approach anything in life. It is a simple code that directs our daily activities.


Do it right.

We offer products or services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


Do what you say you are going to do.

We have built our companies on our word. If we commit to something, you can feel confident that we will see it through to the end.